It is easy to create raised images that resemble the very high quality embossed typeset printing from years past. Embossing your cards, letters, notes, wrapping papers, etc. creates a classic elegant look.

To emboss an image:

1. Simply ink your stamp with ColorBox pigment ink or Versamark clear ink. You can either press your stamp into the inkpad, or pick up the inkpad and dab the ink onto your stamp.

2. You make an impression with your stamp by pressing straight down and lifting straight up. You should avoid ‘rocking’ the stamp.

3. While the ink is wet, completely cover the image with embossing powder. Then, you turn the image over and knock off the excess powder. A little flick with your finger on the back of the paper will help dislodge the excess. Make sure all stray pieces of embossing powder are removed from the paper. A very small paintbrush can be helpful for this.

If you use an opaque powder like gold or silver, the powder will completely cover the ink, and so it does not matter what colour ink you use. If you want the colour of your ink to show through, you should use clear embossing powder. This will give you the embossed effect in whatever colour ink you use to stamp your image.

You should have your embossing project on a large piece of paper, so that when you knock- off the excess powder, you catch it on the paper. You can then lift up the paper and curl the edges up to pour the excess back into your embossing container. As an alternative, try storing your embossing powders in small tubs and use a teaspoon to apply. This gives you great flexibility in placing the powder on the image only where you want it and makes it easier to pour the excess powder back into the container.

4. Now, you heat the image. There are several ways of applying heat. The best is to use a crafter’s heat gun. Apply the heat over the top of the stamped image, holding the gun approximately 2 inches above the paper. You can also use a paint-stripping gun in the same way. However, the heat from the paint-stripping gun is a little too hot, so hold it back about 5 to 10 inches from the surface of the paper.

If you do not have a heat gun, there are many household appliances that can be used to apply heat. You can use your toaster, a clothing iron, stove element or the warming plate on a coffee maker. When you use these methods, you apply the heat from underneath the stamped image.

You can also buy Versamark pens that enable you to apply embossing powder freehand. This is great way to add embossed personal messages and doodles to your project.